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Guidance Trucks

Three lamps of the green color which has been attached, to the roof of the large-sized track/truck concerning the speed indicating lamp. Safety standards of the road haulage vehicle (1951) stipulation of 3 of 48th provision (1967 August addition) of on the basis, the large-sized autotruck (therefore as for the bus 3 of the yellow green color which lights up in 3 stages you exclude) with speed equipment of the speed display of lamps is required. As for the large-sized track/truck speed to be found in the eye which was seen, because the [zu] leprosy, those which it tries to be able to grasp approach speed from external. As for order of illumination, below speed per hour 40km the first suicide seat side (0-) Below speed per hour 40km super ~60km second driver's seat sides (), speed per hour 60km super with third center () order. In connection with export to flexible regulation, equipment obligation and the foreign country of the speed restrictive measure it was abolished in 1999.

As for the national traffic ministry, as for approximately 23% of the fatal accidents which happen on the highway the large-sized track/truck has become cause concerning the speed restrictive measure (1998). It is the collision accident, approximately 51% of fatal accidents by the large-sized track/truck, the approximately 85% occurs at the speed which exceeds legal limit 80km/h. To require the speed restrictive measure of large-sized [toratsukuhe] the accident prevention and the like which from this kind of circumstance corresponds to high-speed travelling as a purpose. Full speed of the large-sized track/truck installation requirement of the speed restrictive measure which above speed per hour 90km is done not be able to put out started from 2003 September 1st. It can require installation concerning the large-sized track/truck which is sold after the September conforms to the exhaust emission standards after the 1994 vis-a-vis the large-sized track/truck which exhaust emission standards, unless you install either the car which it has already run in 3 years renewal of car verification becomes impossible. As for the national traffic ministry in first 1 years approximately 30% becomes the equipped car, estimates the fatal accident of the large-sized track/truck that 2~4 percentage it can reduce. But the accident which follows one another on the highway is prevented to aim, because time of payment date expectation becomes difficult in addition to intransit time is required being long, you say that from track/truck transport, the movement which changes transport to the railroad, marine transport and aviation is started.

Also the exhaust brake exhaust brake is called, is equipped in most tracks/trucks and the bus. If front and back (you push the lever of the wiper of steering wheel left side in the inner part, operation) the shape which is operated by the fact that it can point is many. When stepping on the accelerator just, those which raise the exhaust pressure inside the engine by the fact that the valve which is provided on the middle of the air release pipe as the auxiliary brake which raises the effect of the engine brake, is closed, generate damping force. There is a fixed deceleration effect unlike the engine brake, regardless of especially, and the gear ratio which operate even by the automatic car with actual driving being long downward pitch uses well. If you use the exhaust brake, in case of the 10t track/truck you say that there is an effect which reinforces damping force in approximately 1.8 times by comparison with the independence use of the engine brake. In the past, the brake lamp does not light up when braking of the exhaust brake, there was also a thing where the succeeding car is surprised to more powerful exhaust brake than the usual engine brake. The collision accident which originates in the exhaust brake was many even on the highway and the like. Because of this, when the exhaust brake is utilized, the brake lamp being linked, the vehicle which lights up appeared. However, when it is travelling the exhaust brake while with such as long downhill it operates, the warning effect of the brake lamp for the succeeding car decreasing, being the tendency to which cars between the distance is plugged rather you understood. Then, also the vehicle and the like where the green lamp where the exhaust brake is separate with the brake lamp lights up appeared, but fixed standard did not exist in regard to this part. Simultaneously with the abolition of installation obligation of the speed indicating lamp, also illumination obligation of the operation light at the time of exhaust brake operation was abolished.

As for method of deciding the maximum loading capacity, the following standard is decided in order to protect the road concerning the maximum loading capacity. Because generally, the car it increases weight the fuel tank, with secondary rack equipment such as body and other special equipment devices, vis-a-vis the maximum loading capacity with respect to theory, 1 tenths as for becoming surcharge you say in a primary rack equipment state due to genuine of the manufacturer that it is good.

As for axle load exceeding 10t, the unit load per travel wheel where is not good 5t does not have to exceed. Leader wheel load ratio in the empty car and loading state must be 20% or more, (by the way light the maximum loading capacity of the truck is 350kg. )

Gross vehicle weight is stipulated from structure of the body concerning gross vehicle weight, the value which pulled vehicle weight from now on reaches the maximum loading capacity. Depending, because it becomes the calculation where the extent maximum loading capacity whose vehicle weight is light increases, recently, the model which lightens the chassis and the cab is set at each company. When gross vehicle weight is called GVW, does the class classification of track/truck with GVW depending upon the manufacturer, it is

If 10t, the 4t track/truck you mention the 4t track/truck, that it can load the load of 4t minute, it is thought tend but, really so is not. Gross vehicle weight is decided in each every vehicle by road traffic method. If the generally known 2t car if 4t, the 4t car if 8t, the 10t car 20t, the 25t car it points to the thing of the large-sized track/truck of the 3~4 axis of gross vehicle weight 25t, it could pull up the gross vehicle weight of the 10t car to 2025t (due to recent flexible regulation). But, the fact that the primary factor of the decrease ton is included by the track/truck by all means and the time, to according to of the loadage cannot load is present condition. For example, body weight and the value which pulled the addition equipment of the wing body and the power gate etc reach the actual maximum loading capacity from gross vehicle weight. For example calling the 4t track/truck, in the sense, the standard loadage 4t, it is not maximum loading capacity 4,000kg. As for the 4t car becomes generally under gross vehicle weight 8t (above 8t large size license necessary by the way with the large-sized track/truck) normally the thing of the track/truck to call, for example in this when the crane of 1,100kg is equipped, this amount being done, decrease t the maximum loading capacity becomes 2,900kg.